Extreme jobs and insurance

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Consultants in the art of feng shui take the trouble to actually visit peoples homes and give face to face instruction.
Them there is the skill of the dog psychologist who is trained to notice the difficult dogs as they are at home.
In the faiths there is the kosher consultant who will make sure cooked food is totally in keeping with the Jewish law.

Hiscox who insure such unusual extreme jobs show the increase in such employment and the corresponding insurance cover required. However the rules are all the same whatever the industry (except life threatening ones)

The biggest difficulty is in trying to pick up a book and see where to slot them in as far as insurance is concerned.
Our compensation culture is growing, they say. You will have read about the inordinate amount of claims for whiplash in car accidents, where the number of claims increases every years even though the number of collisions is decreasing. So insurers have to be careful.
This can descend into the ridiculous when you have someone suing their dog trainer because he is still wetting the carpet.

Finally there is a growing trend in party planners who visit houses and make suggestions on how to dress up the venue for a party. They consider things like sound systems lighting etc with the aim of making your 70s fancy dress party stand out. You need never be out of ideas for such a party if you visit typical sites like www.partygetup.co.uk who show the latest most chic things.

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